Sunday, April 14, 2013

New KDC Nook Initiated

St. Paul University Philippines – Knowledge for Development Center (SPUP-KDC) extended its services and resources to Saint Tonis College (STC) of Tabuk,  Kalinga.  The Chief Librarian Mrs. Divine Lovelle Balnao and her staff visited SPUP-KDC to select materials for their KDC Nook.  To bind its partnership, Dr. Rosalinda Tanguilan, the KDC Coordinator penned a Memorandum Of Understanding between the two institutions and it was signed by the SPUP President Sister Remy Angela Junio, spc and the STC President Presentacion Bartolo.

The primary objective of the said collaboration is to promote the KDC resources and services to the remote areas of the community.  Furthermore, Mr. Ronaldo Sumait, the SPUP-KDC Librarian/Knowledge Facilitator, oriented the representatives of STC on the use of World Bank’s online resources.

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