Thursday, July 15, 2010

Open Data Initiative Orientation

Orientation program is more than a cursory introduction to a university. The professional librarians and the knowledge facilitator of the Knowledge and Information Resource Network, in their desire to provide excellent services to all Paulinians, had planned and delivered an orientation program to all the freshmen and transferee students of the University. The program aimed to introduce the services and resources that these students will be utilizing over the course of their time in the university library and to enhance their research skills.

The professional librarians, Ms. Corazon Tumbali, Mr. Santiago Tagacay and Mr. Venancio Pamittan had conducted the said orientation utilizing the Knowledge and Information Resource Network (KIRN) website ( as a tool in presenting the organizational structure, policies, linkages, resources and services of the library. Meanwhile, Mr. Ronaldo Sumait, the Knowledge for Development Center (KDC) Librarian also facilitated the World Bank (WB) 101, an orientation on KDC facilities and activities. He also discussed the Open Data Initiative--an open source of the online resources of the WB (

Mr. Tagacay demonstrated the use of KIRN online resources

Mr. Sumait introduced the services and resources of the KDC

The new Online Resources of the KDC (the WB Open Data Initiative) exploited by Mr. Sumait

Ms. Tumbali discussed the KIRN policies, resources and services

The use of Adaptive Technology for Visually Impaired was exemplified by Mr. Sumait

The librarians also clearly elucidated the richness of the library resources in both print and non-print formats. Aside from the books, CD-ROMs, periodicals, audiovisuals and theses/dissertations, the university library also offers Free Online Resources. These are the journal databases which are available online with full-text articles, e-books, e-theses and e-dissertations that can be easily downloaded.


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