Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Governance Videoconference

Knowledge for Development Center

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St. Paul University Philippines


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World Bank – Knowledge for Development Center

St. Paul University Philippines

Tuguegarao City


September 22, 2009

The Good Governance Videoconference Series is the second part of the face-to-face forums on good governance. The project aimed to (a) raise the consciousness of the youth about the champions and models of good governance; (b) remind the youth that despite of what our country is experiencing, our country still has public officials who are champions of good governance; (c) encourage hope, and the knowledge that individuals especially the youth can make a difference in many ways; (d) help the youth take a break from all the graft and corruption stories, and breathe in a new perspective and inspiration; and (e) allow the youth to reflect and create their perspective on - IF THE YOUTH ARE IN PUBLIC OFFICE.

Congressman TG Guingona III & Mayor Sonia Lorenzo

The resource speakers Congressman TG Guingona III of Bukidnon and Mayor Sonia Lorenzo of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija were based in KDC Ortigas Center, Pasig City and linked to the 104 participants which composed of the Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Legal Management (BSPALM) of the School of Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education and the student leaders from different schools of St. Paul University Philippines, Tuguegarao City. Congressman Guingona discussed the need for more transparency and better allocation and utilization of the national budget. Mayor Sonia discussed about the roles of the youth in fighting graft and corruption as one of the biggest blocks to the development of our nation. She also emphasized the different ways of helping the local community through unity. In fact, she made mention that the municipality of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija was uplifted from 4th class to 2nd class municipality through empowerment of the youth. The initiatives of the youth in helping San Isidro played a great role in achieving all the developments which they have right now.

The student leaders were very active in asking “good governance” related questions to the two honorable speakers after their talks. The second part of the forum is an offline discussion among the participants on how the youth can practice good governance in their own self, family, school and work if given the chance to be in public office. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Mark Dominador Ventura, a Public Administration and Legal Management instructor. The participants were divided into several groups and came up with their own ideas on how the youth can make a difference in their own governance for the development of this country.

Mr. Mark Dominador Ventura with the participants

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